What is a CoC?

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What is HHHC?

The Humboldt Housing and Homeless Coalition is a Continuum of Care comprised of several organizations, service providers, developers, government agencies and leaders, faith-based organizations and community members dedicated to end homelessness.

The Humboldt Housing and Homeless Coaltion (HHHC) was established in 2004. The organization includes providers of services, local government agencies, advocates and others who are interested in helping people move out of homelessness. The group does not have a staff and is not officially incorporated or organized. The county provides some administrative support, but most projects are accomplished by volunteers.

Members of the HHHC work together on specific issues (policy, input into the general plan, working with law enforcement, etc). The HHHC is sometimes asked to provide input on issues to the local jurisdictions. Any public statements must be agreed upon by the whole membership.

The HHHC shares ideas, coordinates services, increases communication and helps identify service gaps within our communities. We may take on special projects like:

  • The Homeless Connect Day
  • The Point in Time Count
  • The Ten Year Plan to End Homelessness
  • Homeless Management Information System
  • Homeless Prevention and Rapid Rehousing Program

HHHC holds a general meeting every other month. These meetings are open to all concerned.